English: Zenislator, "Rain the Vertex!"
Kana: ゼニスレイター “レイン・ザ・ヴァーテックス!”
Size: 3
Type: Impact Monster
Power: 9000
Critical: 2
Defense: 7000
World: Star Dragon World
Attribute: Neodragon
Illust: 日十川麻呂
Flavor Text:
Hundreds of rays of light -- are like meteors raining from the heavens.
Ability / Effect:
[Call Cost] [Pay 3 gauge & Put this card on top of a size 3 monster on your field]
When this card attacks, if there are a total of six or more monsters with "Dragon" in its attribute in your drop zone, destroy a monster on your opponent's field.
[Double Attack] [Soulguard]
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