"Complete Chaos" is the 3rd X Ultimate Booster released in the Japanese format.


  • Contains 68 cards (2 BR/6 RRR/12 RR/18 R/23 U) + 6 SP + 1 Infinite Rare.
  • Includes further support for several worlds in the form of 《Chaos》 cards.
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, RR or greater is guaranteed per pack (but no two RRR in one pack), and also there may be the foil version of any R/U/C card.


Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
X-UB03/0001 Ultimate CHAOS, Geargod COMPLETE Monster - RRR
X-UB03/0002 Autodeity Conquer Dragon, CHAOS Gear Batzz Monster Dragon World RRR
X-UB03/0003 Witching Hour Oni, Kid Ibuki "Gedomaru" Monster Katana World RRR
X-UB03/0004 Full Mechrystal Dragon, Zindo Beta Monster Star Dragon World RRR
X-UB03/0005 Chaos Millennium Spell - RRR
X-UB03/0006 Eroded Beast Sword of the King, Laevateinn Savage Item Legend World RRR
X-UB03/0007 Corrosion Code 315, Machining CHAOS Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
X-UB03/0008 CHAOS Billion Knuckle Monster Ancient World RR
X-UB03/0009 Demon Lords Controller, CHAOS Constructor Monster Dungeon World RR
X-UB03/0010 Mini Geargod Rainbow Monster - RR
X-UB03/0011 Autodeity Great Sorcery, CHAOS Yersinieas Monster Magic World RR
X-UB03/0012 Corrosion Code 450, Dis CHAOS Prism Monster Star Dragon World RR
X-UB03/0013 Corrosion Code 666, Zeno CHAOS Darkness Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
X-UB03/0014 Corrosion Code 564, Fallen CHAOS Superhero Monster Hero World RR
X-UB03/0015 Lastdroid, Dra-gollum Dolmando Monster Danger World RR
X-UB03/0016 Oni Consort Type, Trigger Tatami​ Spell Katana World RR
X-UB03/0017 Chaos Gear Spell - RR
X-UB03/0018 The Overkiller Spell - RR
X-UB03/0019 ∞ Infinity the Chaos ∞ Flag - R
X-UB03/0020 Remote Supervisor, Mini Geargod Black Monster - R
X-UB03/0021 Hundred Mechs General, CHAOS Gishingyuki Monster Katana World R
X-UB03/0022 Hundred Mechs General, CHAOS Gokumengaiou Monster Darkness Dragon World R
X-UB03/0023 Hundred Mechs General, CHAOS Braiden Monster Hero World R
X-UB03/0024 Ruinous Beast Battle Robo, CHAOS Gaidenoh Monster Hero World R
X-UB03/0025 Mechrystal Dragon, Madslide Monster Star Dragon World R
X-UB03/0026 Fifth Omni Dragon Mech, CHAOS Dokujun Monster Dragon World R
X-UB03/0027 Twin Swords Mech, CHAOS Andorochi Monster Dragon World R
X-UB03/0028 Mechrystal Dragon, Saratoga Monster Star Dragon World R
X-UB03/0029 Weapon of Destruction, Dragoon Monster Danger World R
X-UB03/0030 Death Plague Caster, Mordol Monster Magic World R
X-UB03/0031 Enigma Virus Spell Magic World R
X-UB03/0032 Corrosion Prosthesis Spell Ancient World R
X-UB03/0033 Unfreezing Spell Dungeon World R
X-UB03/0034 Taboo Contract Spell Legend World R
X-UB03/0035 Chaos Brand Dimensional Sword Item Katana World R
X-UB03/0036 Fabricated Sword of the King, Fragarach Replica Item Legend World R
X-UB03/0037 CHAOS Ravarager Monster Ancient World U
X-UB03/0038 CHAOS Mothman Monster Legend World U
X-UB03/0039 CHAOS David Monster Legend World U
X-UB03/0040 CHAOS Unzen Monster Katana World U
X-UB03/0041 CHAOS Meraglaive Monster Dragon World U
X-UB03/0042 CHAOS Radromarl Monster Dungeon World U
X-UB03/0043 CHAOS Vivod Monster Darkness Dragon World U
X-UB03/0044 CHAOS Teo Lao Monster Magic World U
X-UB03/0045 Mini Geargod Pink Monster - U
X-UB03/0046 CHAOS Garg-gollum Monster Danger World U
X-UB03/0047 CHAOS Spikey-gollum Monster Danger World U
X-UB03/0048 CHAOS Lament Oni Monster Katana World U
X-UB03/0049 CHAOS Parvo Monster Magic World U
X-UB03/0050 Chaos Absorption Spell Dragon World U
X-UB03/0051 Martial Essence Spell Danger World U
X-UB03/0052 Performance Test Spell Danger World U
X-UB03/0053 Contagious Weakening Gas Spell Magic World U
X-UB03/0054 Ninja Arts, Vapor Crow Spell Katana World U
X-UB03/0055 Havoc in Dragon Land Spell Ancient World U
X-UB03/0056 Secret Spikes Spell Dungeon World U
X-UB03/0057 Black Chaos Claw Spell Dragon World U
X-UB03/0058 The CHAOS Upgrade Spell - U
X-UB03/0059 Mechsplosive Axe, Chaos Demon Slay Item Danger World U
X-UB03/BR01 Ultimate CHAOS, Geargod COMPLETE Monster - BR
X-UB03/BR02 Autodeity Conquer Dragon, CHAOS Gear Batzz Monster Dragon World BR
X-UB03/S001 Ultimate CHAOS, Geargod COMPLETE Monster - SP
X-UB03/S002 Witching Hour Oni, Kid Ibuki "Gedomaru" Monster Katana World SP
X-UB03/S003 Autodeity Great Sorcery, CHAOS Yersinieas Monster Magic World SP
X-UB03/S004 Eroded Beast Sword of the King, Laevateinn Savage Item Legend World SP
X-UB03/S005 ∞ Infinity the Chaos ∞ Flag - SP
X-UB03/S006 the Chaos Flag - SP
X-UB03/∞ ∞ Infinity the Chaos ∞ Flag - Infinite Rare

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