"Thunderous Warlords Alliance" is the 3rd X Trial Deck released in the Japanese and English formats.


  • A constructed deck with 52 cards (14 new cards + 2 reprints + 1 flag).
  • Includes further support for several worlds in the form of 《Thunder Empire》 cards.
  • Introduces a new flag card.
  • Includes a Rulebook, a Playmat and a Life Counter.


Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
X-TD03/0001 Overturn Arc Dragon, Barlbatzz Monster Dragon World 5 1 RRR/4 C
X-TD03/0002 Destruction Arc Duke, Gatastol Monster Ancient World 4 C
X-TD03/0003 Thunderstar, Leitning Monster Star Dragon World 2 C
X-TD03/0004 Divine Sword Dragon, Saint Holy Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World 2 1 RRR/1 C
X-TD03/0005 Violent Thunder, Armorknight Ogre Monster Danger World 4 C
X-TD03/0006 Rescue Dragon, Electripaddle Monster Hero World 4 C
X-TD03/0007 Thunder Warrior, Ocker Glaser Monster Dungeon World 2 C
X-TD03/0008 Lightning Star, Thunder Procyon Monster Legend World 4 C
X-TD03/0009 Nice Thunder! Spell Magic World 4 C
X-TD03/0010 Blackbolt Ring Spell Darkness Dragon World 2 C
X-TD03/0011 Ninja Arts, Flash Dance Spell Katana World 2 C
X-TD03/0012 Thunderbolt Marked Urn Spell Dungeon World 4 C
X-TD03/0013 Bring It On! Spell Hero World 2 C
X-TD03/0014 Descending Lightning Deity, Tsuchi-Ikazuchi Item Danger World 2 C
X-TD03/0015 Thunder Emperor Sword, Draglare Item Dragon World 4 C
X-TD03/0016 Turbulent Thunder Fist, Blowout X Tempest Shatter! Impact Dragon World 4 1 RRR/3 C
X-TD03/0017 Thunder Emperor's Fangs Flag - 1 C

Card Breakdown

Monster Spell Item Impacts Flag Total
Number of Cards 8 5 2 1 1 17
Number of Copies 27 14 6 4 1 52

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