X-BT04: Rainbow Striker
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Japanese name:



Reinbō Sutoraikā


Release Date:

December 9, 2017 (JP)
December 22, 2017 (EN)

Previous Set:

Overturn! Thunder Empire!

"Rainbow Striker" is the 4th X Booster Set released in the Japanese format and English format.


  • Contains 105 cards (3 BR/6 SP/8 RRR/12 RR/24 R/30 U/22 C) + 15 Secrets
  • Includes further support for Dragon World, Dungeon World, Legend World, Star Dragon World, and others.
  • Each booster contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely R or greater, and also there may be a foil version of any R/U/C card.
  • One Secret Pack is guaranteed per box.


Set Gallery

Card List

Confirmed Cards:

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
X-BT04/0001 Dragon World RRR
X-BT04/0002 A Key That Connects the World, Dragouno Spell Dragon World RRR
X-BT04/0003 Pursuer of Chivalry, El Quixote Monster Dungeon World RRR
X-BT04/0004 RRR
X-BT04/0005 RRR
X-BT04/0006 "Demonic Descent Sword of the King" Laevateinn Item Legend World RRR
X-BT04/0007 Rainbow Jewel Crystal Dragon, Kirschgeist Monster Star Dragon World RRR
X-BT04/0008 RRR
X-BT04/0009 War Technique Diplomat, Dia Mond Monster Dragon World RR
X-BT04/0010 Dragon World RR
X-BT04/0011 Dragonic Heal, "Plus" Spell Dragon World RR
X-BT04/0012 RR
X-BT04/0013 RR
X-BT04/0014 RR
X-BT04/0015 RR
X-BT04/0016 RR
X-BT04/0017 RR
X-BT04/0018 RR
X-BT04/0019 RR
X-BT04/0020 RR
X-BT04/0021 R
X-BT04/0022 R
X-BT04/0023 R
X-BT04/0024 R
X-BT04/0025 R
X-BT04/0026 R
X-BT04/0027 R
X-BT04/0028 Thunder Emperor's Symbol Item Dungeon World R
X-BT04/0029 R
X-BT04/0030 R
X-BT04/0031 Powerful Battle Deity, Magni Monster Legend World R
X-BT04/0032 R
X-BT04/0033 R
X-BT04/0034 R
X-BT04/0035 R
X-BT04/0036 R
X-BT04/0037 CHAOS Campary Monster Star Dragon World R
X-BT04/0038 Star Dragon World R
X-BT04/0039 Gemologist Spell Star Dragon World R
X-BT04/0040 R
X-BT04/0041 R
X-BT04/0042 R
X-BT04/0043 R
X-BT04/0044 R
X-BT04/0045 Dragon World U
X-BT04/0046 Dragotrap Spell Dragon World U
X-BT04/0047 U
X-BT04/0048 U
X-BT04/0049 U
X-BT04/0050 U
X-BT04/0051 U
X-BT04/0052 CHAOS Lumiere Monster Dungeon World U
X-BT04/0053 Dungeon World U
X-BT04/0054 Hawkeye Spell Dungeon World U
X-BT04/0055 U
X-BT04/0056 U
X-BT04/0057 Giant Bird, Thunder Bird Monster Legend World U
X-BT04/0058 Poor Vampire, Crat Dracula Monster Legend World U
X-BT04/0059 Legend World U
X-BT04/0060 Benefit of Autodeity Spell Legend World U
X-BT04/0061 U
X-BT04/0062 U
X-BT04/0063 U
X-BT04/0064 U
X-BT04/0065 U
X-BT04/0066 U
X-BT04/0067 U
X-BT04/0068 U
X-BT04/0069 U
X-BT04/0070 Full Bright Eye Spell Star Dragon World U
X-BT04/0071 U
X-BT04/0072 U
X-BT04/0073 U
X-BT04/0074 U
X-BT04/0075 Dragon World C
X-BT04/0076 Dragon World C
X-BT04/0077 Dragon World C
X-BT04/0078 Dragon World C
X-BT04/0079 Dragon Press Spell Dragon World C
X-BT04/0080 C
X-BT04/0081 C
X-BT04/0082 C
X-BT04/0083 CHAOS Balor Monster Legend World C
X-BT04/0084 C
X-BT04/0085 C
X-BT04/0086 C
X-BT04/0087 C
X-BT04/0088 C
X-BT04/0089 C
X-BT04/0090 Arc Crystal Dragon, Denkibran Monster Star Dragon World C
X-BT04/0091 Star Dragon World C
X-BT04/0092 Phase Seal Chain Spell Star Dragon World C
X-BT04/0093 C
X-BT04/0094 C
X-BT04/0095 C
X-BT04/0096 C
X-BT04/0097 CHAOS Zoruaga Monster Dungeon World Secret
X-BT04/0098 Secret
X-BT04/0099 Transcender of CHAOS, Geargod ver.099 Monster - Secret
X-BT04/0100 Isolation Barrier Spell Dungeon World Secret
X-BT04/0101 Secret
X-BT04/0102 Thunder Emperor Corps Leader, Barlbatzz Monster Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/0103 Overturn Ice Emperor, Miserea Monster Dungeon World/Legend World Secret
X-BT04/0104 Overturn Knight, El Quixote Monster Dungeon World Secret
X-BT04/0105 Thunder Blade Joker Monster Dungeon World/Legend World Secret
X-BT04/0106 Iron Wall of Dragon Fang Spell Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/0107 Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Aldo Athora Monster Star Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/0108 Spirytas "SD" Monster Star Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/0109 Spell Star Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/0110 Spell Star Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/0111 Direct Dynamic Diamond Overhead!! Impact Star Dragon World Secret
X-BT04/BR01 BR
X-BT04/BR02 BR
X-BT04/BR03 BR
X-BT04/S001 SP
X-BT04/S002 SP
X-BT04/S003 SP
X-BT04/S004 SP
X-BT04/S005 SP
X-BT04/S006 SP

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monsters Flag Total
Star Dragon
Dual Cards

List of X Booster Sets
X-BT01: The Dark Lord's RebirthX-BT02: Chaos Control CrisisX-BT03: Overturn! Thunder Empire!X-BT04: Rainbow Striker

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