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    Otakon7 - Deck Gallery

    September 10, 2014 by Otakon7

    A compendium for all my deck builds.

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    A little while ago I applied for Bushi's custom world event and recently a blog contest, so I thought I'd make a blog to archive all the card's I made.

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    Future Card Budgetfight!

    February 8, 2014 by Otakon7

    Hello there,

    Having caught interest in Buddyfighting, I've decided to make a few builds I'll aim to build myself.

    Now, these builds are budget based so they're not overly competitive but for the price, they do fairly well. And of course, they're pretty fun.

    Danger World - Cheap Pride

    S0 -4-
    4x Armorknight Eagle

    S1 -12-
    4x Armorknight Hellhoud
    4x Armorknight Ogre
    4x Armorknight Gargoyle

    S2 -8-
    4x Armorknight Cerberus
    4x Armorknight Golem / Armorknight Griffin

    Spell -18-
    4x Armor Reuse
    4x Battle Aura Circle
    4x Battle Spirit Unite / Invigorating Breath
    3x Crimson Slash
    3x Buddy Help / Survival Chance

    Item -6-
    4x Hysteric Spear
    2x Boulder Piercing Spear

    Impact -2-
    2x Drill Bunker!!

    Magic World - 2 minutes to midnight

    S1 -16-
    4x Fallen Angel, Paimon
    4x Kenjy of the Explo…

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