I made this blog for people to share their encounters with toxic win-hungry players. 

it has to be a game which you didn't win.

well here's my story.....

I raged against one player who was completely toxic.

he was using Zetta, and I was using dragon knights.

it was on tco his deck was private mine wasn't so he could see the deck before challenging me.

turn 2 which was his turn he had the resources to OTK me.

so what he does is talk crap and freaking plays around with his cards when he has my life at 1 and one card that's ready to finish me.

so I spoke my mind and rage quit.

what I said was.

"you know I'm tired of you freaking pieces of garbage who come on this game and challenge players who have a complete disadvantage against your deck just to get free wins and don't even bother giving a player a chance to play. seriously you guys are the very reason I can't have fun with most decks because the moment those decks become good you guys **** on people with these decks  without bothering to give them a chance just to please your ******* lust for wins."

so tell me buddy fighters have you encountered players like this before? if so feel free to share your experience.

sorry for the language and grammar remembering this just makes my blood boil with rage.

to all of you toxic win hungry players out there i got a present for you and it's a barrage of bullets you freaking lowlife,vermin, piece of **** sorry again ._.

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