Indeed, Batzz!! It's the beginning of my "Dragon World Trio Heroes" Artickles!! where I talk about everyone's favorite infamous World that always gets support but we deal with it, "Dragon World" and talking about the trio Gao used for now!
Id got tired of waiting!

Is it finally time, Kid!?

Weve been looking forward to his!


Let's get started

Believe it or not, there's dozens of ways to make "Thunder Empire" BUT!! we are focusing on the "Batzz" Build for now! So strap in your "Buttz" and here we go!


  • Maximum Skill, Breaking Flames
  • Thunder Lance X Tempest Buster!
  • Thunder Wave X Tempest Explosion!

THESE are your key Impacts of choices! Now, you May not like Thunder Wave X Tempest Explosion!, But, it's actually rather helpful, in combination with Thunder Lance X Tempest Buster! !

I'll explain!! You do your attacking and seeing Thunder Empire gain a lot of Gauge due to their resources, you are able to OHKO your opponent easily!!

You can even toss in Maximum Skill, Breaking Flames to help vs Prism Dragon if needed!

Spells & Items

  • Arc Dragon Shield
  • Arc Dragon Sword

THESE, are your best tools of this deck, where Arc Dragon Shield lets you pay 1 gauge to draw 1 and even negate an attack!! Where Arc Dragon Sword is a really great item that prevents destruction of it as well as giving your cards a buff!!

Use these, and much more to triumph among your opponent and kick buttz!!



Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz

You'll have a lot of Batzz Monsters at your disposal already, use them to your will and attack continuously!!


Saint Holy Sword!!
Flag: Dragon World (card)

I chose Chibi Panda as the buddy because by using Heavily Burdened, Batzz you are able to gain a Buddy Gift from the deck. And cards like Thunder X Flash helps with your Batzz Monsters as well as setting off Curved Sword Master, Curver effect as well. Your are able to use Dragobond with Chibi Panda for more life and more defense too!! it's a great deck, and worthy of being called a "Demon Lord's" Deck!!

Closing Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading this if you have been! I put a lot of work into it, even if it seems "Small" ^^; so, yeah, look forward for Bal Dragon and Drum and See ya all on the flip side!!

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