Hi guys, this is an idea that i am working about a power ranger’s style hero world series.

When i was playing one of my favorite decks of hero world, captain answer(quartet five variation), it occurred to me to make a series, like power rangers(except not too many teens).

i came as far as drawing a new variation of all the rangers, till that they all look similar ,yet have their very own style. I am thinking of adding all the characters involved in the hero world. 

The heroes mostly comprise of the rescue dragons and the quartet-5 and some brave machines lead by their leader, the man who answers to justice, captain answer.

the antagonists comprise of a team called THE VARIABLES( get it, since math).the variables include the dark heroes team and a military experiments gone extremely wrong, the Gemclone, Zetta and the elemental demons, along with some corrupt brave machines. The variables are led by three leaders, Zetta, Zemclone and (i couldn’t get the 3rd one and i am open for suggestions, what do you guys thing? takosuke?schwarz? idk). These three are ruled by the supreme over lord, or should i say Omni lord mukuro (I know he is a good guy, and all the dark heroes’ too. but this fits a bit more to the story line).

So, what do you think?

I will try to complete the origin story (ep 1) in 3-4 days along with the art that i drew. If you have an idea which you want to include in this series, or you have an art that you made for any of the hero world monsters or you want to add a fan made monster to the series, then please do comment, i would really appreciate your efforts and support.

Till next time, peace.

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