This article is about the character. For the card, see Uniform Warrior, Blazer Frill

Uniform Warrior, Blazer Frill is a character in Future Card Buddyfight Triple D and the buddy monster of Masuka Raid.


Frill wears a somewhat typical sailor-style school uniform that has a dark purple top and a salmon colored skirt. Both naturally have lots of frills. She also has a frill headband, thigh-high stockings, and knee-high boots that match her skirt. Her outfit is reminiscent of magical girls typically found in anime, especially those who wear a sailor-style outfit.


Frill likes to appear to be innocent and loves having a legion of adoring fans. In actuality, she is devious and scheming and tries anything to win, even if it's morally wrong.

Anime Biography

She first appears talking with her buddy, Masuka, about ways to win against their next opponent Tasuku Ryuenji. They come up with various schemes that purposely invoke cliched anime tropes like running into "your fated one" while being late and having a piece of toast in your mouth to make him fall in love with her. When that fails, she tries to get Bal to sabotage the match by concocting a story about how she was captured and her parents were cursed by her buddy and that if she doesn't win, they'll be destroyed.

When the match starts, she has many adoring fans calling out to her, including Ozon-B. She gives them some cute poses as a reward. Throughout the game, she tries to get Tasuku to not attack her by looking like a harmless maiden. Later, Bal shouts out near the end of the match about her sob story and both Tasuku and Jack call her out for lying and manage to disprove it. She gets really mad, but it dissipates after the match is over as it's revealed she rather enjoyed it, which she never really does when she tries unethical ways to win.