Savage Steel
TD02 Logo

Japanese Name:

フォージング ブラッド


Fōjingu Buraddo


Forging Blood

Release Date:

January 24, 2014

Previous Set:

Dominant Dragons

Next Set:

Dragonic Force

"Savage Steel" is the 2nd Trial Deck released in both the Japanese and English format, following Trial Deck 1: Dominant Dragons, which was released alongside it. It is followed by Trial Deck 3: Dragonic Force



新日本プロレスリング所属 オカダ・カズチカ選手出演実写CM第1弾「日々鍛錬編」00:31

新日本プロレスリング所属 オカダ・カズチカ選手出演実写CM第1弾「日々鍛錬編」

Japanese commercial (1st version)



Japanese commercial (2nd version)

Future Card Buddyfight TVC TD01-02 BT01-000:31

Future Card Buddyfight TVC TD01-02 BT01-0

English commercial alongside BT01's

Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
TD02/0001 Armorknight Black Drake Monster Danger World 2 C
TD02/0002 Armorknight Griffin Monster Danger World 4 C
TD02/0003 Armorknight Cerberus Monster Danger World 4 3 C/1 RR
TD02/0004 Armorknight Minotaur Monster Danger World 2 C
TD02/0005 Armorknight Ogre Monster Danger World 4 C
TD02/0006 Armorknight Hellhound Monster Danger World 4 C
TD02/0007 Armorknight Wizard Monster Danger World 2 C
TD02/0008 Armorknight Eagle Monster Danger World 4 C
TD02/0009 Crimson Slash Spell Danger World 4 C
TD02/0010 Survival Chance Spell Danger World 3 C
TD02/0011 Battle Aura Circle Spell Danger World 4 C
TD02/0012 Invigorating Breath Spell Danger World 3 C
TD02/0013 Hysteric Spear Item Danger World 4 C
TD02/0014 Boulder Piercing Spear Item Danger World 3 C
TD02/0015 Drill Bunker!! Impact Danger World 3 2 C/1 RR
TD02/0016 My Buddy! Monster Danger World 1 C
TD02/0017 Danger World (card) Flag Danger World 1 C

Card Breakdown

Monster Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Number of Cards 9 4 2 1 1 17
Number of Copies 27 14 7 3 1 52

List of Trial Decks
TD01: Dominant DragonsTD02: Savage SteelTD03: Dragonic ForceTD04: Braves ExplosionTD05: Ninja OnslaughtTD06: Dark PulseTD07: Tomorrow! AsmodaiHTD01: Crimson Fist (Hundred)

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