Kiri Hyoryu used a Trial Deck 2: Savage Steel during his training fight against the Castle Store Manager. He keeps this decks and redesigns it with Armorknight Black Drake as the deck's Buddy. He uses several Size 0 monsters to support his Black Drake.


—Core Deck Case

Savage Steel
Flag: Danger World

Kiri, in Episode 38, designs a Legend World deck. Its main focus is to send Demon Wolf, Fenrir to the drop zone, then to the soul of Gleipnir. Once Gleipnir is destroyed, Fenrir can be called to the field at no cost.

Flag: Legend World

After obtaining a Dark Core Deck case, Kiri's Asgard Deck goes through some changes, mainly now using Ice Blade Joker as his Buddy. Kiri now focuses more on casting Great Spell, Ragnarok to wipe out the whole field and both player's hands to call Fenrir like his previous Deck did but now adding Ice Blade Joker to obtain an extra attacker while leaving the opponent with no way to stop his attacks and with little to no possible way to make a counterattack should they survive.

Because Fimbulwinter takes 3 turns to run out of soul during which is vulnerable to destruction, his deck keeps his original strategy to destroy Gleipnir with Breathen Gard as a backup and later uses Loki the Ehrgeiz to cast Ragnarok before the opponent gets a chance to destroy Fimbulwinter.

"Like frozen water, my power makes me tough to break. Dark Luminize! Unstoppable Ice Blizzard!"

Unstoppable Ice Blizzard
Flag: Legend World

Kiri uses a Dungeon World deck now that he has his memories back, with Aide of the Water Lord, Stein Blade Joker as his buddy. His deck is focused on attacking with Demon Lords, including Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea, to use the impact Darkness Final Mission Card "World End", which destroys all cards and leaves the opponent with 1 life.

"Let it begin, the demise of those who stand before me. Luminize! Dead End World!"

Dead End World
Flag: Dungeon World

Kiri then uses a Danger World deck against Rouga, with Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez as his buddy. The deck is focused on increasing his buddy's stats with spells.

"Fierce power in a deep sleep, awaken now! Luminize! Deity Lord Awakening!"

Deity Lord Awakening
Flag: Danger World

His deck is now focused on the skills of Judgment of the Cold-blooded King, Miserea.

"Here and now, the final judgement is made. Luminize, Last Apocalypse!"

Last Apocalypse
Flag: Dungeon World

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