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Tetsuya uses a Magic World deck featuring the 72 Pillars monsters with Demon Lord, Asmodai as his Buddy. Tetsuya uses many spells such as Magical Goodbye to get rid of the opponent's monsters and Devil Advantage to recover cards dropped to pay the cost of Asmodai.  However, Tetsuya's Buddyfight skills aren't very good and his deck is poorly built, causing him to lose every fight with this deck-

In Episode 7, Baku Omori offers to rebuild Tetsuya's deck. This new deck being focused on making the most out of Asmodai's powerful abilities by maximizing it and adding cards to increase his hand advantage such as Nice One! and cards that allow him to recover Asmodai no matter how many times its destroyed. Once the opponent's life is 3 or lower, he finishes them off with his signature Impact, Diabolical Hardcore!

"Come on, move! Dancing Demon! It's time to groove. Let's luminize it! Yo!"

Dancing Demons
Flag: Magic World

He then uses a new deck for the Gaen Cup. Now including more variety of Size 1 monsters to attack directly more times per turn after Asmodai destroys the Center monster. He includes Solomon's Great Barrier to turn his Size 2 monsters into Size 1s to have more powerful attackers while still being able to have 3 monsters on the field and uses the Great Spell cards to bring more Size 1 monsters and either do to 6 attacks in one turn and/or get rid of the opponent's field instantly. He even used this deck to defeat Death Shido after Gao was exhausted from catching those illegal monsters. During his fight against a possessed Baku, he added some Asmodai cards to his deck.

"A millennial kingdom, Yo! Where you can play for ages! Luminize! Devil's Millennium!"

Devil's Millennium
Flag: Magic World

His deck is changed, focused on using Fallen Demon Lord, Rucifiel's skill to send monsters back to the hand, as well as buddy, Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai's skill to return to the field each time he is destroyed.

"Today and tomorrow, I'll be dancing with the demons! Luminize! Twin Devils, yo!"

Twin Devils
Flag: Magic World

He uses a new deck focused on the abilities of Fervent Demon Lord Teacher, Asmodai, as well as bringing back his old Solomon's Great Barrier strategy.

"Let's study with the Demon Lord! Luminize! Devil's School! Yo!"

Devil's School
Flag: Magic World

Official Versions

Dancing Demons
Flag: Magic World

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