English: Tempest Jailer, Helle Cougar
Kanji: 疾風の獄卒 ヘル・クーガー
Kana: しっぷうのごくそつ ヘル・クーガー
Size: 2
Type: Monster
Power: 7000
Critical: 1
Defense: 2000
World: Danger World
Attribute: Armorknight / Executioners
Illust: 佐嶋真実
Flavor Text:
Nobody can overtake him. That also means that no one can escape from him.
Ability / Effect:
[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
When this card attacks and destroys your opponent's monster, or deals damage to your opponent, you gain 1 life. Then, if you have a "Gate of Verdict, -Judgment-" on your field, or if you have ten or more cards in your drop zone, draw a card.
[Double Attack]
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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