Superspace Robo Galaxy Demon
Superspace Robo Galaxy Demon (Buddy)
Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji): 超宇宙ロボ 銀河魔神
Japanese name (kana): ちょううちゅうロボ ぎんがまじん
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
Other attributes:
Affiliation: Unknown/None
World user:
Buddy: Castle Store Manager
Items: Decks
Minor attributes:
Other names: None

Superspace Robo Galaxy Demon (超宇宙ロボ 銀河魔神 Chō Uchū Robo Ginga Majin, lit. Super Space Robo Galaxy Demon God) also known as Ginga is the buddy of the Castle Store Manager, who helps him around the shop.


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