English: Steel Fist, Dragoknuckle
Kanji: 鉄拳 ドラゴナックル
Kana: てっけん ドラゴナックル
Phonetic: Tekken Doragonakkuru
Type: Item
Power: 2000
Critical: 2
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Dragon / Weapon
Illust: 温泉大佐
Flavor Text:
(BT01): Fist with the fire dragon's power. Those who can withstand the heat shall become its master.
(H-SS01): As long as your heart is with the dragons, the steel fist will never rust.
Ability / Effect:
[Equip Cost] Pay 1 life.
"Volcanic Charge" When this card deals damage to your opponent, put the top card of your deck into the gauge.
[Counter] 【Act】 "Volcanic Burst" You may pay 1 gauge. If you do, during this turn, this card gets power+2000!
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