This article is about the character. For the card, see Sound Speed Jailer, Helle Gepard.

You`re just too cool, Master Shura!

—Complimenting his master on his masters speech.

"Sound Speed Jailer, Helle Gepard", is a character in the Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Anime, and the buddy monster of Shura Gokumon.


Helle Geperd always praises Shura, though Shura does questionable things. Even goes to the point as to call him reckless, but still praises him doing so. He seems to be very loyal to Shura


Gepard is a massive panther, who dons a red scarf around his neck. Equipped to his body is a weapon system that houses many blades and propulsion systems to keep him fast.

Anime Biography

Triple D

Gepard is seen alongside Shura as Shura challenges Gaito to a fight. Shura proclaims Gaito as his enemy, to which Gaito doesnt respond. As the two fight, Gepard cheers on and fights for Shura as Shura keeps using Gaito's deck against him. As Shura loses by deck out, Gepard and Shura console eachother, crying. Gepard and Shura are then sucked into Gaito's Impact Monster once the idea of unlocking the Dragon Force got to Gaito's head.


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