This article is about the character. For the card, see Skyseer Dragon, Cross Astrologia .

"Skyseer Dragon, Cross Astrologia", or simply "Cross", is a character in the Future Card Buddyfight Ace anime and manga, and is the buddy monster of Subaru Hoshiyomi .

He is voiced by Souma Saito (Japanese) and Phillip Jensen (English).


Cross initally comes off as a rather introvert and stoic monster just like his Buddy Subaru. Having the ability to predict the future, he also tends to be somewhat overconfident that his predictions will be correct.

When Subaru temporarily abandoned Cross, Cross was grateful to be Mikado family welcoming him though he also was shown to be somewhat awkward when interacting with other monsters. Upon reuniting with Subaru Cross was overcome with joy and relief, so much so that he evolved into a stronger form, proving his strong bond with his Buddy.

As Subaru makes more friends and becomes more open minded, so does Cross, who formed a friendly rivalry with Agito and Garga. 




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