"Sayuri Gotsurugi" is a character in Future Card Buddyfight Triple D. She is the Grandmother of Tenka Gotsurugi and possible head of the Gotsurugi Family at this time. She is one of the families said to safeguard the Dragon Force, sneaking her grandson into the tourney to find the one responsible for disturbing the Dragon Force's sleep.


Sayuri is an old lady, taller in height and wearing a green gown with a red yukata like a normal dress.

Anime Biography

Sayuri attacks Gaito in the forest with a Kunai in the forest. She subdues Gaito with a lariat, pinning Gaito to the ground and stealing his cellphone. She uses it to call her grandson to pick her up at the hotel. As Gaito kept getting increasingly annoyed with her, she uses Gaito's mention of the Dragon Force to let him know she knows a lot regarding it, not telling him as she makes him bring her back to the hotel. Once there, Tenka and Gao accidentally get into a buddyfight, causing Gaito to get angrier as he watches with Sayuri. Sayuri tells him that in his current state, he will not be able to obtain the Dragon Force as the two fight. Sayuri later explains the origin of the Dragon Force; countless eons ago, a clash between light and dark came over this very island. Light won the battle, but was separated into 3 fragments as each fragment lies dormant, waiting to be put together. Each separate fragment is the Dragon Force. Gaito however defeats Sayuri, who explains that due to Gaito's character, he is unable to obtain the Dragon Force.


Buddyfight record

Record (Season 3)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Gaito Kurouzu D21 Lose

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