English: Ride-Changer Officer, Winning Maximum
Kanji: RC隊長 ウイニング・マキシマム
Kana: らいどcへんじたいちょう、ういにんぐまきしまむ
Phonetic: Raido Chenji Taichō, Uiningu Makishimamu
Size: 1
Type: Monster
Power: 3000
Critical: 2
Defense: 3000
World: Hero World
Attribute: Brave Machine / Ride-Changer
Illust: 日十川麻呂
Flavor Text:
Leader of the Ride-Changers. An officer that is more dependable than any other.
Ability / Effect:
[Counter] 【Act】 If your life is 6 or less, you may pay 2 gauge and put this card on the field into the drop zone. If you do, Call or [Ride] "Winning Maximum, "Soldier Form"" from your hand.
[Ride] [Pay 1 gauge]
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