D-BT01A-EB02-0002EN (Sample)

"Ride-Changer" (RC RC) is a sub attribute of the Brave Machine attribute, currently unique to Hero World. They are based around Transformers.


Ride-Changers focus on meeting a life requirement of 6 or less in order to initiate their "Ride-Change" which allows each of the size 1's to pay 2 gauge and send the card to the drop zone at any time to call or Ride a Size 3 version of that card to the field. This allows for multiple attacks during the turn to constantly deal damage and then have a secure defense during your opponent turn.

List of Sets containing Ride-Changer Cards

List of Ride-Changer Cards


Size 0

Size 1

Size 3


List of Ride-Changer Support Cards

List of Attributes
72 PillarsAbsolute SwordAcademyAdventurerArmordragonArmorknightArtAsgardAssassinationBattle AuraBattle Deity RoboBattleshipBlack DragonBlack KnightBlade BeastBlue DragonBody BlowBraveBrave MachineBuddyBuddyfightCatChaosChargeChessComputerConstructCosmo DragoonCounterCreationCrew TrooperDarkheroDarknessDarkness Deity DragonDeathDeepDefenseDeityDemon LordDemon SlayDemon WayDemonic BeastDestructionDisasterDragonDragon Chief EmperorDragon KnightDragon LordDragonarmsDrawDuel DragonDuel GolemDungeon EnemyDungeon MasterEarthEnhanceEvil Deity DragonExecutionersFairyFireFire PowerGeniusGetGhostGold/Golden DragonGreen DragonGuardiansHeroHomemade Buddy Battle VideosHundred DemonsJapanese BladeKnightLandLegendLightMagic PowerMascotMonkMoveNeodragonNew SeriesNinjaNinja ArtsNullOfficial Strongest SupporterOlympusOni AssassinPearPrism DragonProfessorPuddingQuartet FiveRaging SpiritsRecoveryRed DragonRide-ChangerRuneSecret SwordShadow DragonShadow ShadeShieldShinsengumiSkull WarriorSoldierSpellStaffStarSummonSunSun DragonSuperheroSuperheroineTakoyakiTarotTeam GMTerrainThiefThunder EmpireToiletTrapTV AnimeTyrantUndeadWarriorWaterWeaponWhite DragonWild DragonWindWizardWydar Sarkal

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