This article is about the character. For the card, see Ozon B.

I've been sleeping beneath Aibo Academy for countless years... I know everything about Buddyfights! I, Ozon-B, will be providing analysis


Ozon B is a character in the Future Card Buddyfight Triple D anime from Dungeon World. He has lied dormant underneath Aibo Academy for countless years and acts a co-commentator.

He is voiced by Shintaro Ohata (Japanese)


Ozon-B resembles the Frankenstein monster, having a big purple head with screws on its sides which can turn 180 degrees and has a living cat inside. Ozon-B's body parts can fall off and be reattached. He hides it, but on occasion the secret gets out that he has a cat inside his head (for unknown reasons). It happens when he gets excited and surprised. A running gag seems to be that only Kuguru sees the cat and no one believes her.


Ozon-B is a pun on "zombie", as the pronunciation sounds almost exactly the same and the character is a zombie himself.


Being an ancient monster with lots of experience, Ozon-B claims to know everything about Buddyfight and constantly says that he can't be surprised by anything, although he was frequently surprised in his first appearance. He has a habit of ending his phrases with "Zon-B".

Anime Biography

When Gao Mikado and Kyoya Gaen were about to begin a Buddyfight with Bal's custody at stake Ozon-B appeared claiming that he had been sleeping underneath Aibo Academy for countless years and that he will be narrating the Buddyfight, which Paruko disapproved but still allowed to do so.

During the fight he repeatedly said that he can't be surprised only to constantly be proven wrong by Gao's new Sun Dragon cards. Ozon-B frequently disgusts and freaks out Kuguru, but seems to be unaware of her dislike and fear towards him.