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  • You can use this card to return your opponent's monster to negate the battle. However be careful when targeting the opponent's center monster while its attacking, as it will allow them to attack with their Item.
  • Use this card to protect one of your monsters that is being attacked. This will also negate your opponent's attack, since it no longer has a target.
  • You can stop a Link Attack against one of your monsters with high defense, the remaining attacker(s) left will most likely be unable to destroy your monster, effectively stopping most of your opponent's attacks that turn.
  • You also can use this card to return your opponent's center monster during your turn before you attack.
  • It is preferable to return cards with call cost such as Jackknife Dragon, Evil Spirit Leader, KimarisDragon Knight, Masakado, and Drum Bunker Dragon, "Barrier Breaker".
  • You can use this card to return your own monster, and since this card is a Counter, you can use this card to protect your monster from cards like Day of the Dragon, Dragon Breath, Armorknight Cerberus, Demon Lord, Asmodai, etc.
  • Use this card to return cards such as Demon Doctor, Buer or Demon Lord, Asmodai to repeat their ability.
  • If you use this card when Jackknife Dragon uses his search effect your opponent may search their deck but they cannot call anything because they cant place their Jackknife on top of anything causing them to waste 2 gauge.

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