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"Magic World" (マジックW Majikku Wārudo) is one of the playable Worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. Magic World cards are themed around demons, wizards, and sorcery such as the 72 pillars of Solomon. Magic World's card frame features Magic circles.


Magic World focuses less on brute force and more on controlling the game by using powerful monster abilities and casting many spell cards. They have a strong focus on drawing cards and damaging their opponent through effects rather than attacks. They are also able to disrupt the opponent by returning cards to the opponent's hand or by nullifying their opponent's calls and casts. Because Magic World's monsters tend to have below average stats, Magic World users rely on their monsters' abilities and their spells to get around their opponent's offenses and defenses, allowing them to create powerful plays that magically come out of nowhere.

72 Pillars utilize monsters typically of the same Size to combo off a wave of disruption and damage from attacks and effects. A good number of 72 Pillars, with or without help, are able to manipulate their Size to fit in into the strategy of the deck.

Wizards revolve around having enough Wizards in their drop zone and casting spells while being on field. They are unassuming on their own, but with all of their effects combined they can activate powerful and game-changing effects.

Shadow Shades focus on building a solid Monster in the center with Soulguard, allowing for a solid defense while dealing steady damage. They like to chain spells, which help to bolster their defense even further.

Plagues involve casting various Plague spells and then sending them into the soul of their item. Once the item has a certain number of plague spells in its soul, special bonuses can be added to thier spells like gauge reduction, additional resources or even blocking your opponent.

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