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"Legend World" (レジェンドワールド Rejendo Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. This world revolves around mythological creatures and folk-tales from Europe such as the Round Table, Norse Mythology and Greek Mythology. Legend World's card frame features a metallic gold plate with a swirly ornate vine-like design.


Legend World has a widely varied playstyle, changing vastly between its different attributes; in general, each attribute and their playstyles represent the various tales told in the mythologies and folklore they're based after, which is referred to as "solving a puzzle".

This world offers a wide variety of abilities to support the various attributes some of which are Variable Abilities to offer more flexibility in their use. Because many of these abilities have large gauge costs, this world also includes quick ways to gain gauge. It also features a large amount of item cards, many of which have the Equipment Change keyword, allowing them to be switched out for different items depending on the situation. From there, each attribute has their individual strategies:

  • Asgard: Focuses on combo-play through chained discard effects or stalling the game to set up an explosive and extremely powerful finishing-combo.
  • Star: Setting up a lock-down combination and self-protection to form a tough force to counter.
  • Fairy: Activating abilities based on the number of Fairy cards in the drop zone.

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In the first preview, this world was known as "Mythology World" (ミソロジーワールド Misorojī Wārudo).

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