English: Jackknife "Thunder Storm"
Kana: ジャックナイフ “サンダーストーム”
Phonetic: Jakkunaifu "Sandāsutōmu"
Size: 2
Type: Monster
Power: 6000
Critical: 3
Defense: 6000
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Armordragon / Green Dragon
Illust: ムラナコ
Flavor Text:
(CP/TD03) None printed.
(D-SS) TBT: サンダーストーム――荒れ狂う雷の如く。
Ability / Effect:
[Call Cost] Pay 1 gauge. & Put this card on top of a monster on your field with "Jackknife" in its card name.
Act】 "Thunder Raid" If this card is on the left or right, you may pay 2 life. If you do, destroy a monster on your opponent's field.
[Soulguard] (If this card would leave the field, you may discard one soul to prevent it)
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