Ivan uses a Dungeon World deck focused on the Trap attribute. He uses a variety of Trap spells to disrupt the opponent's strategy. This is further amplified by his buddy, Remote Trickster, Lone Remote who allows him to draw a card and deal 1 damage to the opponent the first time he casts a Trap spell that turn. Finally, Ivan protects himself with his item, Trap Maker. Every time he is attacked, he can discard the top card of his deck, and if it is a Trap spell, the attack is nullified. Because his deck of 50 cards has a total of 28 Trap spells, the chances of his item's ability activating are high.

The Trap Room, a barrier of snares! Do you think you can escape? Luminize! Vyru Lovushka!

Vyru Lovushka
Flag: Dungeon World

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