"Ivan Shikakevich Wanaski" is a character featured in the "Future Card Buddyfight Triple D" anime. He is the Russian representative for the WBC Cup World Championships.



Anime Biography

Throughout the Russia Qualifiers, Ivan won though the Russia Qualifiers by default. His opponents all geing sick or injured before their matches. Due to this unlucky fate, he was named "The Grim Reaper of Siberia". In reality, Lone used his technology to place various traps and illnesses on Ivan`s opponents so he can ensure Ivan a chance in the World Buddy Cup.

The night before Ivan and Tasuku`s match, Lone mind controlled Jack while he was on patrol to attack a local pizza joint, however he was caught on film by the pizza man himself. As the day of the battle arrived, Lone and Ivan were enjoying coffee with a side of jam, Lone commenting he liked a lot of jam in his drink. After that, Jack was almost arrested by the Buddy Police, causing Ivan sorrow that his opponent would share a grim fate, however Kyoya Gaen stepped in and asked the Buddy Police to let Tasuku have his final match (in reality of hoping he unlocks the Dragon Force) and for the condition that the stadium be on heavy watch. As Lone and Ivan were getting ready for the match, Ivan showed compassion for Lone, saying that this is his chance to prove Lone is not the buddy of a Monster, to which Lone is shocked that Ivan cares for him that much.

Ivan Luminized and showed the power of Trap/Adventurers, using 28 out of the 50 Trap Spells in his deck to disturb his opponent and protect himself with his item. As Lone was buddy called, he kept bombing Tasuku and burning him for damage, and was about to take him out until Tasuku cast a Proto Barrier. As Tasuku was about to lose hope, Gao livestreams directly into the match to show the video of Lone controlling Jack, surprising the crowd and Ivan whose sorrow of becoming an unconscious cheater shames Lone for his actions. As Ivan tries to defend himself against Tasuku, who is desperate to win to prove to the world he has skills as a buddyfighter, he is defeated by Tasuku`s new Dragon Force and Galactical Punisher.

After the match, Lone was arrested for his crimes. At first Ivan was ready to quit buddyfighting due to the shame and pain his buddy caused on so many people, but seeing the care Lone still had in his heart for Ivan caused him to run off after Lone and promise to wait for him until the end of his prison sentence.


Buddyfight Records

Record (Season 3)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tasuku Ryuenji D29 Lose

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