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"Introductory Set 1: Dragon World" is a half deck made to be given by shops and events etc.

Release DateEdit

The date is currently unknown.


  • Two constructed decks with 27 cards each, including Flag and Buddy.
  • Includes 1 Rulebook, 2 Playmat and 2 Life Counter.
  • Includes further support for Dragon World.

Card ListEdit

Code Name Type World Qty
IS01/0001EN Gigant Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0002EN Extreme Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0003EN Steel Gauntlet Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0004EN Thousand Rapier Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0005EN Bear-Trap Fang Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0006EN Systemic Dagger Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0007EN Latale Shield Dragon Monster Dragon World 2
IS01/0008EN Dragonic Heal Spell Dragon World 1
IS01/0009EN Dragon Breath Spell Dragon World 2
IS01/0010EN Dragonic Shoot Spell Dragon World 1
IS01/0011EN Green Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World 2
IS01/0012EN Dragonblade, Dragobrave Item Dragon World 2
IS01/0013EN Dragonblade, Dragofearless Item Dragon World 2
IS01/0014EN Reckless Angerrrr!! Impact Dragon World 2
IS01/0015EN Dragon World (card) Flag Dragon World 1

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