D-SS03-0020EN (Sample)

Revolutionary Zetta

If you are looking for the Keyword with a similar name, see "Transform".

"Impact Transform" is a Keyword currently unique to Hero World. It allows, after paying a cost, to equip a monster from hand to your Item Zone and be treated as an item that is [Transform]. Using Impact Transform is considered as equipping an item. Even so, you will still gain 1 life from a buddy gift if this card is your buddy.

This Keyword offers the advantage of having defense on your item to protect the player against direct attacks while keeping their properties and abilities, and because they become items, they no longer count towards the player's size limit and are immune to monster destruction effects.

Functionally, it is almost the same as Transform, except it has the added stipulation of only being able to activate during the Final Phase like when you would normally use an impact (hence the name), and you cannot Impact Transform with a monster that is already on the field - only from the hand.

As it stands, only Impact Monsters have been showcased having this Keyword.

Latest Reminder Text:

[Impact Transform] [Cost] (Once per turn, during your final phase, equip this card from your hand. When equipped, this card is treated as an item that is [Transform], and this card may also attack during your final phase!)

List of Cards with Impact Transform

Impact Monsters

Size 3

Support Cards