D-SD01-0017EN (Sample)

"Impact Monster" (必殺モンスター Hissatsu Monsutā, literally "Finisher Monster") is a card type in Future Card Buddyfight. It characterizes by being regarded as a monster and impact at the same time regarding effects and game rules.

Latest Reminder Text

This card is regarded as both a monster and an impact. You may only call one impact monster per turn, and only during your final phase. This card may also attack during your final phase!!


  • An "Impact Monster" cannot be normally called during the player's main phase. Only one impact monster can be normally called per turn, during the player's final phase following the same rules as a monster (this is know as "impact call"). Calling an impact monster also counts as casting an impact following the same rules as an impact.
  • However, calling an impact monster with effects bypass the restriction of "only one impact monster per turn". The player may call any number of impact monsters by using effects and during any phase.
  • The player who calls the impact monster also may gain 1 life with buddy gift if that card is his or her buddy and it entered the field successfully.
  • An impact monster may attack during the attack phase, and also during the final phase as long as it is possible.
  • While an impact monster is on the field, it is put horizontally to represent its standing state, and vertically to represent its resting state. If an impact monster is a buddy, it is put horizontally when it is put from face down to face up at the start of the game. After the buddy call, the impact monster in the buddy zone is put vertically.

Cards' parts

Card name

  • The 's name.
  • In card text, the card name appears within "".

World name

  • The world which the belongs to.
  • In card text, the card name appears within <>


  • An additional category to classify monsters, some abilities affect monsters from specific attributes.
  • In card text, the attribute appears within 《》.


  • The sum of sizes on your field cannot be higher than 3, if you call a monster and it exceeds your size limit, then you must put monsters, except the last monster called, into the drop zone until you no longer exceed the limit. However, you may still call size 0 monsters even if you reach this limit. Examples:
    • You may have a size 1 and size 2 monster on the field (1 + 2 = 3).
    • You may have a size 3 and two size 0 monsters on the field (3 + 0 + 0 = 3).
    • You may not have two size 2 monsters on the field (2 + 2 = 4).
    • If you have two size 1 monsters on the field (1 + 1 = 2), you must put one of them in the drop zone before calling a size 2 monster.
  • With the higher size, the monster's potential is stronger, and vice-versa.
  • The monsters' size, the sum of sizes on the field, and the maximum size limit can be altered with effects.


  • The impact monster's attacking power, used in order to attack and destroy other monsters with defense lower than or equal to that attacking monster(s).


  • The impact monster's defensive power, used in order to protect the player and/or itself from being attacked.


  • The amount of damage dealt by impact monsters to the opponent's life points.

Ability / Card text

  • What the impact monsters use to affect the game.
  • If an has a "[Call Cost]", means that you must pay all costs written in order to call it.
    • However some effects can allow you to call monsters without paying their call costs.
  • If an impact monster says "you may only call this card...", means that you must fulfill all conditions written in order to call it.

Flavor text

  • Some commentaries about the card.
  • Some monsters do not have flavor text.


  • Cards placed under the monster on the field.
  • The soul is commonly used to pay costs for abilities such as Soulguard.

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