Hitotaba Neginoyama (葱ノ山一束 Neginoyama Hitotaba) is a Buddyfight course instructor at Aibo Academy. He is voiced by Masashi Ebara (JP) and Don Brown (EN).


At first Hitotaba was introduced as a Buddyfight teacher at Aibo Academy. Through most of the first episodes his role was very minor. In reality, he's the famous hero Captain Answer, additionally it is suspected that his hair, glasses, and beard might be a costume to hide his real identity and age. During a long time he served the Buddy Police as Captain Answer until he retired and took a job at Aibo Academy. Only Commander I knows his identity.

In Episode 35, one of the criminals he captured, Demon Inzaidi, escaped from prison and attempted to take revenge on Captain Answer, forcing him to temporarily come out of retirement to face Inzaidi. While he was hindered by his age, he defeated the criminal. Before leaving he accidentally addressed Gao by his name, and the next day Gao found him suspicious, After he lent Tasuku his core deck case, he called someone and told the person that "it's done", which is a hint that there is indeed some sort of underground network, presumably of older (older meaning over the age of 15), characters helping the younger ones (Gao, Tasuku, etc.) and the Buddy Police.

When Commander I was ready to recover the Buddy Police Hitotaba was ready to join them as Answer, but he ran into Kemura and accidentally dropped his Core Gadget. Genma Todoroki was planning to return the Core Gadget to the Buddy Police and ended becoming Captain Answer while Hitotaba franatically kept searching for it.

At the finals of the Gaen Cup he and other Buddy Monsters went to Disaster's base to assist the Buddy Police, and Asmodai suggested that he might not even be a human, and that "Hitotaba Neginoyama" might actually be Captain Answer's SD form.