Wh-Wh-What`s this? Gao versus Okada? is the 43rd episode of the Future Card Buddyfight Hundred anime, and 107th episode of the series.


Gao is still shaken up by his failure to save Ikazuchi, but he must snap out of it as he is next to face against the Inverse Fiends, but his opponent isn`t Ges Shido, it`s World Famous Wrestler Kazuchika Okada?! Can Gao snap out of his hesitation in order to face a man who is as strong as a god?!


  • The episode is a planned Cameo episode featuring Famous Japanese Wrestler and Buddyfight Icon Kazuchika Okada. He has appeared in many buddyfight advertisements in Japan.


Sub Episode 43 Future Card Buddyfight Hundred Animation-1454718234

Sub Episode 43 Future Card Buddyfight Hundred Animation-1454718234

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