That who controls the gauge controls the fight!

Zanya Kisaragi


As the gauge appears in the anime

"Gauge" (ゲージ Gēji) is a resource used for playing cards and use abilities by paying its cost. The "gauge" can also refer to the zone that holds this resource. Cards in the gauge are always face down and cannot be looked at. Placing a card into the gauge is called "charging", and sending a card from the gauge to the drop zone as cost is called "paying".

At the start of the game, after both players draw their initial hand, they put the top two cards of their deck face down into the gauge without looking at them.

To increase the gauge, after turn player draws a card to start their turn (even if it does not), he/she may choose a card from their hand, place it in the gauge face-down, and if he/she does, he/she draw a card. This is known as "Charge and Draw".

As Charge and Draw is fully optional, it is a way to remove unwanted cards from the player's hand and possibly replace them with more useful cards.

Currently there is no maximum limit of cards in the gauge.

Some cards have the ability to charge additional cards (i.e. Dragonic Charge) or forcefully remove cards from the gauge (i.e. Bandit Ninja, Goemon).

In the anime, the gauge is shown as a glowing card. When a card is placed in the gauge, it's depicted as a card flying towards the gauge and expand to match the size of what's already there. If there're multimple cards, the golw becomes yellow, the cards duplicate and golw white after the duplication. In Season 2 onwards, the gauge card's backing can be seen. When a gauge's paid, the card(s) there turns into a star and move towards that card.


  • Q: When I pay a cost from my gauge, can I choose which cards to put into the drop zone?
    • A: Yes, you may. When paying a cost from the gauge, you may choose whichever cards you want. However, you cannot look at what is face down in the gauge.

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