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WTS: Contact me at <a href="tel:<a href="tel:<a href="tel:<a href="tel:9477 2173">9477 2173</a>">9477 2173</a>">9477 2173</a>">9477 2173</a> with offers if interested, anything post/ texts etc without offers will be kindly ignored. Thank you.

BF deck, Dragon world (Jack knife). Flag and Buddy sleeved in BRS while the rest are sleeved in Drum Bunker. Includes a free 'green dragon knights song of the ancient land'.

Steel fist, Dragoknuckle x4
Gargantua punisher x4 (TD01/ 2 foil)
Dragonic charge x4
Dragonic grimiore x4
Green dragon shield x4
Blue Dragon shield x4
Jackknife Braveheart x4
Thousand rapier dragon x4
Bear Trap fang dragon x4
Jackknife Dragon x5 (TD03/ 2 foil)
Jackknife Aggressor x1
Jackknife Dispersal x2 (TD foil)
Jackknife Thunder storm x3 (Cp01 foil)
Rising flare dragon x4 (1 TD foil)

Dragon Knight set:

Dragon knight, kamitsumiyaou x2
Dragon knight, vlad Dracula x2
Dragon knight, iwamoto x3
Dragon cavalry arts, ultimate smash x4


Witch of Destruction, Hearty the devastator x1
Day of the dragon x1
Gargantua punisher (BT01) x1
Tempest, garo oh x2
Inferno armour dragon x1
Pile bunker dragon x3

Looking for 1 thunder knight drum bunker dragon for $1,1 thunder knight dragoarcher for $1 and 2 thunder knight leader kommandeur Fahne for $10 each.number 84325464.poc red or green line mrt station.and I also got those cards for trade or sell

Conquer001's Buddyfight Shop

Hi everyone, Conquer001 here. Contact me via either via my messaging board, or SMS/Whatsapp my mobile number <a href="tel:<a href="tel:<a href="tel:<a href="tel:+65-92721339">+65-92721339</a>">+65-92721339</a>">+65-92721339</a>">+65-92721339</a> while identifying who you are.

The following list are the cards I am selling:

All cards stated below are in English, unless stated otherwise.

Inform of which Commons and Rares that you may be looking for and I'll quote you a price on what I currently have. ;-)

Magic World

  • Magician of Glass, Will Glassart (RR) x 2, SGD$4 each.

Dragon World

  • Dragon Knight, Maximilian (RR) x 1, SGD$4 each.
  • Damocles Dragon with Buddyfight Launch Event Hotstamp (PR) x 1, Please quote your offer.
  • Damocles Dragon (PR) x 4, SGD$4 each.

Looking for 1 thunder knight drum bunker dragon for $1,1 thunder knight dragoarcher for $1 and 2 thunder knight leader kommandeur Fahne for $10 each.number 84325464.poc red or green line mrt station.and I also got those cards for trade or sell

BiggyZ32 sales

I have up for sale

1X Thunder Knights, Halberd Dragon SP

it has a small factory defect at the bottom where it curved the cutting of the gray area at the bottom of the card.

1X Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle Dragon RRR

Great condition. No scratches or dents

2X Drum Bunker Dragon, Barrier Breaker

Both in great condition

1X Super Armordragon, Buster Cannon Dragon

also in great condition.

If interested message me and we'll discuss prices and shipping.

I never go first in sending and I can only accept cash as payment. I will pay shipment.

Want to sell my death ruler deck for $65 include 1st layer sleeves,2nd layer sleeves and a tasuku deck box,number 84325464

Flag:darkness dragon world

Items:4 demonic talon,vampire claw

Impact:3 nightmare despair

Spells:,3 nightmare revive,2 vampire fang,3 death damage,3 judgment day,2 death grip,4 death shield,4 midnight

Size 1:5 death ruler,gallows(1 as buddy),4 death ruler,burial,4 death ruler,cremation

Size 2:2 death ruler,abriel,3 death ruler,executei,3 death ruler,mastermind

Size 3:2 death ruler,thirteen


Contact me via my messaging board

Im selling a deck for legend world and magic world(no sleeves)

Legend world: 

buddy:durandal (1foil)

Size 1:4x knights of the round table galahad

         4x knights of the round table gawain(1 foil)

         2x knights of the round able gareth(1 foil)

         1x panther robed knight tariel

Size 2:4x knights of the round table king arthur

          3x knights of the round table percival

          1x valkyrie assault cara

Size 3:1xdemon wolf fenrir

          1xice blade astralkus

          1x demonic beast grendel(foil)

Size 0:1x valkyrie all knowing alwidol

Spells:2power of mythology,1xbrethren gard,4xholy grail,1x great spell thunder of zeus,4x elixir of aesculapius,2x shield of achilles

Items:1xfamous sword hrunting,1x divine armor aegis,1x balmung,2x rune staff,3x prydwen1x excalibur

Magic world:

size 1:1x dunkelheit,2x ren kogasaki,1x dragowizard rainbow horn,1x todo of the unseen hands,1x magic artist, andy,1x mage disciple rody,1xkenjy of the explosive fists

Size 2:5x dance magician,albrecht,1x mary sue(sp),1x fire starter,ganzack,1x chain magic master,link,1x unryu togetsu,1x magical fighter,seijuro mado,1x dragowizard,gan alchimia

Size 3:1x virginie casta,1x dragowizard tempest wing,1x champion wrestler asmodai,1x ganzack dva

Items:1x gunrod del gesu

Spells:2x nice one,1x abra cadabra,2x key of solomon,first volume,1x one oracle,1x quick summon,4x solomon shield,1x you the man,1x overstand,3x the ark,2x begone,1x power ray maximum,4x chillax,2x great spell,my grandfather clock

Impact:1x de guaita crush knuckle

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