"Future Card Buddyfight" (フューチャーカード バディファイト Fyūchākādo Badifaito) is one of Bushiroad's Trading Card Games, officially announced on June 13, 2013.
This wiki provides the newest information and translations about this card game and other media related to it. The game was officially released on January, 2014 in both Japan and the US.

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April 20th

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April 7th

May 12th

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June 23rd

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Main Characters

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Latest Set

X2-BT01 ENG logo final

A new season has begun! Buddyfight X2! All Star Fight is the first booster of the X2 Season! All worlds will be featured in this booster pack, bringing back iconic and amazing monsters returning to join in the fight! Expect every deck to get some form of upgrade in this set. Awaken the power of your deck in order to compete in this ALL! STAR! FIGHT! Available April 20th.

Card of the Week
The card of this week is...
Skyseer Dragon, Cross Astrologia!!
S-BT01-0089 (Sample)

Character of the Week
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Subaru Hoshiyomi!!
Subaru Hoshiyomi Full Body

Latest Episode
Episode A3: Clash of the Aces! Ace of Games versus Ace of Study!: '


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