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"Future Card Buddyfight" (フューチャーカード バディファイト Fyūchākādo Badifaito) is other of the Bushiroad's Trading Card Games, officially announced on June 13, 2013.
This wiki provides the newest informations and translations about this card game and other media from that it was released on January, 2014 in both Japan and the US.

For those who are new to the game, take a look at the Gameplay page and learn about this card game.

New Releases

International Format

English Format

Japanese Format

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Main Characters

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Latest Set
BT03 Logo

"Drum's Adventures" is the 3rd Booster Set. It contains new support cards for Danger World, Dragon World, Magic World, Katana World and Generic, as well as the introduction of the new world: "Dungeon World"!
Strengthen yourself alongside Drum, and better than no weak points in the very dangerous battle!

Card of the Week
The "Card of the Week" of the week is
Sword of the King, Excalibur!
[Equip Cost] [If you have ten or more 《Hero》 in your drop zone, discard a "Holy Grail" from your hand]

If this card's attack is not a link attack, this card's attack cannot be nullified by cards with "Shield" in its card name.
[Equipment Change] (Unknown text.)
[Double Attack] (Once per turn, this card may [Stand] after it attacks.)

Character of the Week
The "Character of the Week" of the week is
Tasuku Ryuenji!
Tasuku body
Tasuku Ryuenji is one of the characters featured in the anime adaptation of Future Card Buddyfight. He is a 7th grader at Aibo Academy. He is also a member of the Buddy Police.

Latest Episode
Episode 33: Gao Versus Rouga! Round Two!
Rouga Aragami VS Gao Mikado. It’s finally the general’s showdown. Gao faces Rouga, the guy that he wanted to befriend, Gao says with a smile, “I want to be friends with you, Rouga-senpai!”. His opponent is Rouga, but Gao had prepared a deck for his secret plan… Now, it’s finally, Brave Drum’s turn.


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