"Great Clash!! Dragon VS Danger" is the 2nd Extra Booster released in both the Japanese and English formats.



Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
EB02/0001 Jackknife "Savior" Monster Dragon World RRR+SP
EB02/0002 Armorknight Bahamut Monster Danger World RRR
EB02/0003 Blue Sky Knights Leader, Crimson Arrow Dragon Monster Dragon World RR+SP
EB02/0004 Blue Sky Knights, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster Dragon World RR+SP
EB02/0005 Raging Dragon, Zagararis Monster Danger World RR
EB02/0006 Fighting Dragon Emperor, Demongodol Ark Monster Danger World RR+SP
EB02/0007 Armorknight Asmodai Monster Danger World RR+SP
EB02/0008 Dirk Shotel Dragon Monster Dragon World R
EB02/0009 Dragonic Barrage Spell Dragon World R
EB02/0010 Super Dragonblade, Dragoeternal Item Dragon World R
EB02/0011 Dragon Strike Arts, Dual Movingforce Impact Dragon World R
EB02/0012 Overlord Dragon, Valfares Blood Monster Danger World R
EB02/0013 Armorknight Cerberus "A" Monster Danger World R
EB02/0014 Demon Slay Slash Spell Danger World R
EB02/0015 Fanged Dragon Declaration Spell Danger World R
EB02/0016 Explosive Axe, Ricdeau Demon Slay Item Danger World R
EB02/0017 Ultimate Battle Skill, MEGA Demon Slay Impact Danger World R+SP
EB02/0018 Blue Sky Knights, Slash Eagle Dragon Monster Dragon World U
EB02/0019 Fracture Head Dragon Monster Dragon World U
EB02/0020 Dragonic Medic Spell Dragon World U
EB02/0021 Dense Forest Dragon, Radica Monster Danger World U
EB02/0022 Armorknight Sphinx Monster Danger World U
EB02/0023 Armorknight Gargoyle "A" Monster Danger World U
EB02/0024 Demon Break Slash Spell Danger World U
EB02/0025 Demon Slay Resurrection Spell Danger World U
EB02/0026 Bold Retaliation Spell Danger World U
EB02/0027 Demon Slay Barrier Spell Danger World U
EB02/0028 Dragon Knight, Kenshin Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0029 Dragon Knight, Lawrence Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0030 Blue Sky Knights, Deomedia Dragon Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0031 Blue Sky Knights, Slenje Dragon Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0032 War Hammer Dragon Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0033 Blue Sky Knights, Iron Wing Dragon Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0034 Blue Sky Knights, Seeker Penguin Dragon Monster Dragon World C
EB02/0035 Flying Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World C
EB02/0036 Dragonblade, Dragowing Item Dragon World C
EB02/0037 Armorknight Griffin "A" Monster Danger  World C
EB02/0038 Raging Dragon, Zald Monster Danger World C
EB02/0039 Armorknight Lizardman Monster Danger World C
EB02/0040 Spined Dragon, Spike Vine Monster Danger World C
EB02/0041 Armorknight Kaari Monster Danger World C
EB02/0042 Armorknight Goblin Monster Danger World C
EB02/0043 Battle Spirit Infusion Spell Danger World C
EB02/0044 Dimensional Demon Slay Slash Spell Danger World C
EB02/0045 Phoenix Wall Spell Danger World C
EB02/0046 Final Battle Skill, MAJI Demon Slay Spell Danger World C
EB02/0047 Demonic Spear, Swirling Darkness Item Danger World C
EB02/0048 Death Dragon, Deathgaze Dragon Monster Darkness Dragon World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Danger 15 10 2 1 28
Dragon 13 3 2 1 19
Darkness Dragon 1 1

List of Extra Booster Sets
EB01: Immortal EntitiesEB02: Great Clash!! Dragon VS DangerH-EB01: Miracle Impack! (Hundred)