"Immortal Entities" is the 1st Extra Booster released in both Japanese and English format.



Future Card Buddyfight EB01

Future Card Buddyfight EB01

English commercial

Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
EB01/0001 Sun Fist, Sunshine Impact Item Dragon World RRR+SP
EB01/0002 Duel Sieger "Tempest Enforcer" Monster Ancient World RRR+SP
EB01/0003 Dragon Knight, Richard Monster Dragon World RR+SP
EB01/0004 Dimensional Demonic Dragon, Ladis the Tyrant Monster Ancient World RR+SP
EB01/0005 Fortune Dragon, Forbolka Monster Ancient World RR
EB01/0006 Evil Crusher, Steel Dragon Barrage! Impact Ancient World RR+SP
EB01/0007 Divine Dragon Creation Spell Ancient World RR
EB01/0008 Systemic Dagger "Onca" Monster Dragon World R
EB01/0009 Dragobulk Stormschlag Impact Dragon World R
EB01/0010 Evil Sins, Shumokuzame Monster Katana World R
EB01/0011 Bandit Ninja, Goemon Monster Katana World R
EB01/0012 Duel Sieger "Spartand" Monster Ancient World R
EB01/0013 Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger Monster Ancient World R
EB01/0014 Space Dragon Emperor, Galiazond Monster Ancient World R+SP
EB01/0015 Flame Dragon Emperor, Magmanova Monster Ancient World R
EB01/0016 Dragon Emperor Legend Spell Ancient World R
EB01/0017 Dragon Flame Cascade Spell Ancient World R
EB01/0018 Blow-hammer Dragon Monster Dragon World U
EB01/0019 Ironchain Dragon Monster Dragon World U
EB01/0020 Hundred Face Ninja, Muraku Monster Katana World U
EB01/0021 Silver Dragon, Adelaide Monster Ancient World U
EB01/0022 Storm Dragon Emperor, Thundertornado Monster Ancient World U
EB01/0023 Rock Dragon Emperor, Vragos Monster Ancient World U
EB01/0024 Blue Dragon, Thunder Horn Monster Ancient World U
EB01/0025 Dragonverse Spell Ancient World U
EB01/0026 Dragonlution Spell Ancient World U
EB01/0027 Rise & Fall of Dragons Spell Ancient World U
EB01/0028 Dragon Knight, Gilles de Rais Monster Dragon World C
EB01/0029 Dirge Drill Dragon Monster Dragon World C
EB01/0030 Dragon Knight, Socrates Monster Dragon World C
EB01/0031 Dragonic Dash Spell Dragon World C
EB01/0032 Dragospeed Spell Dragon World C
EB01/0033 Sword Skill Bare Hand Intercept Spell Katana World C
EB01/0034 Ninja Arts, Half-kill Spell Katana World C
EB01/0035 Gold Dragon, Abend Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0036 Ice Dragon, Knoke-isle Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0037 Vitesse, Purple Diamond Dragon Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0038 Ice Dragon Emperor, Glacies Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0039 Flame Fairy Dragon, Tialvette Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0040 Wind Fairy Dragon, Sufa Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0041 Ice Fairy Dragon, Garbolette Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0042 Feather Dragon, Talwar Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0043 Dies, Azurite Dragon Monster Ancient World C
EB01/0044 Dragon Outlaw Spell Ancient World C
EB01/0045 Bold Dragon Spell Ancient World C
EB01/0046 Dragon Dreams Spell Ancient World C
EB01/0047 Dragon Thunder Spell Ancient World C
EB01/0048 Thunder Knights, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster Dragon World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Ancient 20 10 1 31
Dragon 8 2 1 1 12
Katana 3 2 5

List of Extra Booster Sets
EB01: Immortal EntitiesEB02: Great Clash!! Dragon VS DangerH-EB01: Miracle Impack! (Hundred)