For the downside, see: "Earth Half".

English: Evil Deity of Cataclysm, Hyakugan Yamigedo "Sky Half"
Kanji: 災禍の大邪神 ヒャクガンヤミゲドウ “天の半身”
Kana: さいかのだいじゃしん ヒャクガンヤミゲドウ “てんのはんしん”
Phonetic: Saika no Daijashin, Hyakugan Yamigedō "Ten no Hanshin"
Size: 3
Type: Monster
Critical: 2
Defense: 5000
Attribute: Deity / Hundred Demons
Flavor Text:
No flavor text.
Ability / Effect:
[Evil Deity] (This card and a different [Evil Deity] must be together to be put in your buddy area or called, and they are treated as one monster on your field.)
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