This article is about the character. For the card, see Eternal Envoy, Aettir.

Let us have a fair fight!

"Eternal Envoy, Aettir", is a character in the Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Anime, and the buddy monster of Ageha Gokuraku.


She shares various traits with her buddy, being used to using "slang" and caring about looking good. She compliments her buddy on her looks and her actions.


Aettir is a serpentine like dragon. Underneath she is a purple energy construct, wearing a silver and golden-lined serpentine armor, with tail rings to cover the energy. She has green eyes with pink irises as her armor sprouts wings from the back.

In her mini form, she's a cute little snake with gold bands with small wings. She has a pink heart on her forehead.

Anime Biography

Triple D

She is first seen around Ageha`s neck, like a scarf as they track down Tasuku Ryuenji, who was trying to return to Gao to help find Bal. As Ageha challenges Tasuku to a fight, Aettir is buddy called from deck to deal some damage to Tasuku. As Tasuku attacks, she uses her ability to keep going back to hand. As she is sent back multiple times, Tasuku takes Ageha out with his new Impact monster! Ageha and Aettir are launched into the stratosphere.

In episode 47 she and Ageha made their cameo by watching both Tasuku's and Gaito's buddyfight against Kyoya.

Aettir also made her appears again in episodes 49 and 50 to watch Gao's and Kyoya's final buddyfight in America.


Aettir made her debut in season 4 in Star Dragon World during the World Buddy Masters cheering for both Kanata Ozora and Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora.