"Rouga Aragami Attacks" is the 6th episode of the Season 1 anime.


Assuming his identity as the top Buddyfighter in 8th grade at Aibo Academy, Rouga challenges Gao to a Buddyfight, but Gao refuses. Rouga slips on a banana peel set up by Tetsuya and Asmodai , which prompts him to challenge Tetsuya, which Asmodai accepts (without Tetsuya's consent). During lunch break, while Rouga and Tetsuya battle, Gao is reminded about a time when he also believed that winning was everything like Rouga. When Gao's hunger for winning led to him injuring someone during a martial arts match, he realized that mentality is wrong. Gao has since then changed in order to make more friends.

With no damage taken, Rouga is victorious over Tetsuya. Then, Gao appears before Rouga, and the two decide to Buddyfight after school. With a new deck constructed by Baku, Gao defeats Rouga in one turn. However, Gao was so focused on winning that he fears he might have made the same mistake and hurt Rouga. Gao tries to look for him, but he is informed by Mr. Hitotaba Neginoyama that Rouga has permanently left school. Neginoyama comforts Gao by telling him to try and become friends with Rouga and to learn from his mistakes. Having watched Gao's fight against Rouga and listening to the conversation, Tasuku resolves himself to capture Wolf...


Featured Cards

Danger World

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Episode 6 Future Card Buddyfight Animation24:56

Episode 6 Future Card Buddyfight Animation

English Dub

#6を爆熱再現! 牙王vsロウガ06:00

#6を爆熱再現! 牙王vsロウガ

Bakunetsu Saigen! Gao vs. Rouga

List of Season 1 Episodes
#1 Gao, Roars! ● #2 Gao vs Tasuku! ● #3 Dancing with a Demon! ● #4 The Rules of Buddyfight! ● #5 Future Force Shines! ● #6 Rouga Aragami Attacks! ● #7 Deck Building to Victory! ● #8 Break Past the Final Qualifier! ● #9 The Stolen Dragon Deck! ● #10 The Card of Heroes ● #11 The Start of the Aibo Buddy Cup! ● #12 Power vs. Ninja Arts! A Fierce Competition! ● #13 Powers Unite! Dragonic Punisher! ● #14 Noble Heart! Together with the Dragon Knight! ● #15 Dragons Duel! Journey of the Tiger! ● #16 Mystique Explosion! The Great Katana World Battle! ● #17 ABC Cup Final! Exploring the Underground Maze! ● #18 Menacing Duel Sieger! ● #19 The Card Yota Left Behind ● #20 The Powerful Sun Fist! ● #21 Buddy Monsters Unite! ● #22 Evil Power, Disaster Force! ● #23 Drum's Heroic Adventure! ● #24 The Friends of Dungeon World! ● #25 Buddyfight Intensified! Sengoku Academy! ● #26 Challenge From Legend World! ● #27 Buddies Bring Their Best! ● #28 Flying Ninja Showdown! ● #29 Activate! Mega Blast Bunker! ● #30 The Invincible Swordsman! Shosetsu Kirisame!! ● #31 Gao's Buddy Skill is On! ● #32 The Legendary Sword Excalibur! ● # 33 Gao Versus Rouga! Round Two! ● # 34 Defenders of Darkness! ● #35 Mysterious Hero! Captain Answer! ● #36 Ikarino's Fantastic Dungeon! ● #37 Medusa Unleashed! ● #38 The Fenrir of Fate! ● #39 Kiri Strikes Back! ● #40 The Terrifying Dragon World ● #41 Roaring Slash! Gargantua Punisher! ● #42 Disaster at Twilight! ● #43 Tasuku Takes Charge! ● #44 Disaster Times Two! ● #45 Luminize! Exploding Dragon Fang!! ● #46 Balle du Soleil Reborn! ● #47 Episode 47: The Gaen Cup Begins! ● #48 Episode 48: The Dancing Demon Takes on Medusa! ● #49 Episode 49: Paruko Takes The Stage! ● #50 Episode 50: Attack of Team Purgatory! ● #51 Episode 51: The Tiger Returns!● #52 Generations Collide! Drum Breaker Dragon! ● #53 Sword of Nothingness! Distortion Punisher! ● #54 Wolf versus Fox! A Battle of Instinct! ● #55 Balle du Soleil Collapses! ● #56 Master versus Apprentice Battle! Death Tallica and Explosive Dragon Fang! ● #57 Take Back the Buddy Police! ● #58 Gaen Cup Final Round! Tetsuya's Choice! ● #59 Rouga Leaves the Pack! ● #60 Gao and Tasuku's Epic Battle! ● #61 Eternal Rivals! ● #62 Kyoya's World!● #63 The Shadow of Demise! ● #64 Break To the Future!

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