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Fighting Dragon Emperor, Demongodol Ark

"Duel Dragon" (デュエルドラゴン Dyuerudoragon) is an attribute given to cards featuring dragons, its currently exclusive to Danger World.


Duel Dragons use monsters with very high stats to overpower the opponent through brute force, several of which require the player to have a certain amount of Duel Dragons in their Drop Zone. They have many effects that pay gauge to increase the player's life, often adding more Duel Dragons to the Drop Zone in the process.

Duel Dragons include monsters that have Soulguard and Counterattack simultaneously to punish the opponent for attacking them, some of which can even force the opponent to attack them. They also have several ways to increase the soul of their Soulguard monsters to prolong their longetivity.

List of Sets containing Duel Dragon Cards

List of Duel Dragon Cards




Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Impact Monster

Size 2

Size 3

Dual Cards


Size 3

List of Support Cards

List of Attributes
72 PillarsAbsolute SwordAcademyAdventurerArmordragonArmorknightArtAsgardAssassinationBattle AuraBattle Deity RoboBlack DragonBlack KnightBlade BeastBlue DragonBody BlowBraveBrave MachineBuddyBuddyfightChaosChargeChessConstructCounterCreationDarkheroDarknessDeathDeepDefenseDeityDemon LordDemon SlayDemon WayDemonic BeastDestructionDragonDragon Chief EmperorDragon KnightDragon LordDragonarmsDrawDuel DragonDungeon EnemyDungeon MasterEarthEnhanceExecutionersFairyFireFire PowerGeniusGetGhostGold/Golden DragonGreen DragonGuardiansHeroHomemade Buddy Battle VideosHundred DemonsJapanese BladeKnightLandLegendLightMagic PowerMascotMonkMoveNeodragonNew SeriesNinjaNinja ArtsNullOfficial Strongest SupporterOlympusOni AssassinPearPrism DragonProfessorPuddingQuartet FiveRaging SpiritsRecoveryRed DragonRide-ChangerRuneSecret SwordShadow ShadeShieldShinsengumiSkull WarriorSoldierSpellStaffStarSummonSunSun DragonSuperheroSuperheroineTakoyakiTarotTeam GMTerrainThiefThunder EmpireTrapTV AnimeTyrantUndeadWarriorWaterWeaponWhite DragonWild DragonWindWizardWydar Sarkal

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