"Dragon Lord" (ドラゴンロード Doragonrōdo) is an attribute given to cards featuring a dragon(s).


Dragon Lords focus on controlling one very powerful size 3 monster through the entire game to overwhelm the opponent. Because their size 3 monsters have very high Lifelink numbers they have many ways to prevent their monsters from being defeated and/or replace them with even stronger versions.

The size 1 and 2 monsters in this attribute, instead of being used for attacking, are used as support "pseudo-spells" with effects that activate by discarding themselves when the player controls a size 3 monster, while the size 0 monsters act as "back ups" to help the size 3 monster take down threats.

List of Sets with Dragon Lord Cards

List of Dragon Lord Cards

Ancient World



Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3

Impact Monsters

Size 3

Dual Cards


Size 3

List of Support Cards


List of Attributes
72 PillarsAbsolute SwordAcademyAdventurerArmordragonArmorknightArtAsgardAssassinationBattle AuraBattle Deity RoboBattleshipBlack DragonBlack KnightBlade BeastBlue DragonBody BlowBraveBrave MachineBuddyBuddyfightCatChaosChargeChessComputerConstructCosmo DragoonCounterCreationCrew TrooperDarkheroDarknessDarkness Deity DragonDeathDeepDefenseDeityDemon LordDemon SlayDemon WayDemonic BeastDestructionDisasterDragonDragon Chief EmperorDragon KnightDragon LordDragonarmsDrawDuel DragonDuel GolemDungeon EnemyDungeon MasterEarthEnhanceEvil Deity DragonExecutionersFairyFireFire PowerGeniusGetGhostGold/Golden DragonGreen DragonGuardiansHeroHomemade Buddy Battle VideosHundred DemonsJapanese BladeKnightLandLegendLightMagic PowerMascotMonkMoveNeodragonNew SeriesNinjaNinja ArtsNullOfficial Strongest SupporterOlympusOni AssassinPearPrism DragonProfessorPuddingQuartet FiveRaging SpiritsRecoveryRed DragonRide-ChangerRuneSecret SwordShadow DragonShadow ShadeShieldShinsengumiSkull WarriorSoldierSpellStaffStarSummonSunSun DragonSuperheroSuperheroineTakoyakiTarotTeam GMTerrainThiefThunder EmpireToiletTrapTV AnimeTyrantUndeadWarriorWaterWeaponWhite DragonWild DragonWindWizardWydar Sarkal

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