D-BT03-0070EN (Sample)
English: Divine Sword, Gallatin
Kanji: 聖剣 ガラティーン
Kana: せいけん ガラティーン
Phonetic: Seiken Garatīn
Type: Item
Power: 3000
Critical: 2
World: Legend World
Attribute: Hero / Weapon
Design / Illust: 槻城ゆう子 / 真時未砂
Flavor Text:
It is said to be the brother of the extraordinary divine sword, Excalibur.
Ability / Effect:
[Counter]【Act】 "Calling Voice of the Sword" During your attack phase, if you have four or more different 《Hero》 in your drop zone, equip this item from your hand. You may only use "Calling Voice of the Sword" once per turn.
[Equipment Change]
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