Winning like that wouldn't make me happy. I got this far by thinking of the day that I'd face Gao-senpai in a serious Buddyfight.

Dash Kazakiri is a character in the Future Card Buddyfight Triple D anime. He is a young but ambitious buddyfighter who is a big fan of Gao Mikado, wanting to aspire to be like him.

He is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe (JP).


Dash sports a very distinct racer like appearance, with sharp-combed like blue hair as he wears an orange head band. He sports a yellow and white racing shirt with distinguished shoulder pad like shoulders with black arm holes, sporting orange matching wrist bands. He wears normal blue shorts and orange-yellow-red colored boots.

Anime Biography

Sometime before D7, Dash competes in the WBC Cho-Toyko qualifiers and wins a spot in the top 8, being paired against Gao Mikado.
The Day of his match, he goes to say hi and ask for an autograph of Gao Mikado, who he tells he is a fan of. While Gao is embarrassed to sign, he starts to sneeze and starts to spew out giant seaweed from his nose. Dash volunteers to bring Gao to a special hospital for monsters by using his buddy, Winning Maximum, as their transport vehicle. On the ride there, Dash tells Baku (who asked why Dash is even helping since if Gao was sick, he would win by default) that he looks up to Gao and his ideals of being a strong, caring person who aspires to help people. Gao gets temporarily treated before they drive back and make it to their match seconds before disqualification. As Dash and Gao fight, Gao experiences a Side effect of the medicine which starts to turn him into a fish. Dash at first wants to stop the fight to get Gao help, but Gao tells him to keep going as weird fish parts won`t stop him from fighting. Dash then continues to show off his incredible Ride-Changers, getting down to 1 before Gao can finish him off the normal way. Dash then immediately hauls Gao back to the doctor, unknowingly without his pants.


Buddyfight records

Record (Season 3)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Gao Mikado D10 Lose
Wataru Kageo D51 No Outcome