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Danger World's Flag

"Danger World" (デンジャーWワールド Denjā Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight, themed around creatures wearing heavy armament known as Armorknights as well as savage looking dragonic creatures known as Duel Dragons. Danger World's card frame resembles a safety line tape with several holes and a wire fence.


Danger World focuses on overpowering the opponent through raw power while being able to efficiently play with the center area open, using many monsters with higher than average stats and many effects that reward leaving the center open such as destroying monsters and gaining life. This world also takes advantage of leaving the center open by using powerful item cards that tend to have high power or critical.

The Armorknights often sacrifice each other as costs for their effects/calls for powerful beat-down strategies. There are also alternate versions of them called "A" that power up equipped items by entering its soul.

The Duel Dragons use a large amount of life-gaining skills while punishing those who attack their monsters such as forbidding link attacks and using monsters that naturally have the Counterattack ability.

The Tyrants focus on gaining life in large bursts and then consuming that life in order to gain advantages such as boosting the critical of their monsters and items to ridiculous numbers.

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