Bal! Fire, Galactical Punisher! is the 23rd episode of Future Card Buddyfight Triple D, and the 137th episode of the series.


As Gao and gang hunt for Doctor Gara, who has Bal hostage, Tasuku is one match away from making it to the World Championships. His opponent, the mysterious Ageha Gokuraku uses an unknown deck known as the Divine Guardians! As her deck becomes too tough for Tasuku, will he be able to turn the tables with "Galactical Punisher!"?!


      Before the episode begins, Ozon B  explains the events of the previous episode: Dr. Gara trying to open Bal 's shell with a chainsaw after abducting Bal, discovering a secret lab under the island with Rougalater turning into an explosion. Barely escaping, Ozon B  gets pecked by seagulls (again) and decides to start the episode.

      At the hotel top, Rouga says that because Cerberus lost all trace of Bal, they can't help Gao anymore. Gao wishes Bal that he is safe, for he promises to get Bal back. Then Paruko explains that its the 4th day of the tournament and explains that Gaito has been beaten by Tasuku by surpassing him and obtaining his 99th win. After getting teleported down, Tasuku decided that they should rest for the day until he gets a phone call from Gao. Shocked that Bal got abducted by Dr. Gara and were nearly killed by the labatory trap, Tasuku and Jack decide to rush to help out Gao. However, they hear a voice and it revealed Cho-Nagoya 's representative, Ageha Gokuraku and her buddy, Aettir, found them and decided to challenge him.

     At the same time, Paruko obtained a Paru-Call and teleported to the next buddyfight, while Gaito finished of a Hero World fighter with his Gale Scythe. Happy that its Tasuku's 100th fight, Paruko says that no matter what she must commentate the fight, while Ageha says its all according to plan. After teleporting to the UFO stage, Gao, Baku and Kuguru watch in upset as Tasuku began a fight before they could start searching for Bal. Knowing that he couldn't turn down a fight, Tasuku had to accept. Then, Ozon B emerges from the ground saying that he survived last week's die-hard explosion, and decided to commentate on the fight too.

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Sub Episode 23 Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Animation

Sub Episode 23 Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Animation

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