Commander I (コマンダーI Komandā I) is the commander of the Buddy Police. His orders and judgements are made with the futures of both Earth and the other worlds in mind.

He is voiced by Paul Cowling.

Anime Biography

Season 1

On episode 1,

On Episode 10, He showed Noboru Kodo something before he he stops buddyfighting. After Tasuku defeats Akaoni Konmae, he explains that Tasuku is trying to grow up so fast and ask Noboru that if he could hang out with him, help enjoy his childhood more, spend time with friends and to have buddyfighting with other kids.

Shortly after Tasuku is fired from the Buddy Police, he is replaced by Seiichi Nobari. Commander I disguises himself as a janitor to continue watching the Buddy Police afterwards.

After some time he discovers that Kyoya Gaen is manipulating Nobarii and Sueroku to sabotage the Buddy Police, and he prepares a plan with Takihara and Stella to get rid of them.

Season 2: Hundred



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