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Maxi Single CD

"Card of the Future" is the 1st opening theme song of Season 1. The theme is performed by the Japanese collaboration unit, "Psychic Lover x Suara". A English version is used for the English dub, which is performed by the same artists.

As of episode 25, the opening is completely changed with new scenes.


The maxi single containing "Card of the Future" and named after it was released February 19, 2014 in Japan. All copies come with a Buddy Help. It contains the following tracks:

  • 1. Card of the Future
  • 2. Now and Forever
  • 3. Card of the Future (off vocal)
  • 4. Now and Forever (off vocal)


(Buddy Fight!)

These powerful deep bonds connecting us buddy,
Ain't ever giving up, crush and build again,

Break out your future card!

Getting into it with our stunning moves yeah,
Don't matter to us we can change the way it's done,
coz we are, (coz we are), the irreprecible, Buddy Fighter

With our flame we can burn up the darkness,
the sun will shine on through, illuminate your soul,
on we go,(on we go), we will deliver your call to tomorrow

such fantastic inspiration moving into new territ-try
I charge, and i draw, run as fast as the wind
we're invincible

(buddy fight!)

These powerful deep bonds connecting us Buddy,
Aint ever giving up, crush and build again

(Buddy fight!)

Meaningless fantasies of what the future brings,
we dont need those goals, we dont need to dream

(buddy Call!)

blowing open the walls of the cave,
fight on with all the great skill that you have
this our never ending story, so lets do it our own way!

Break out your future card!


Katai kizuna tsunagaru Buddy
Akirameru na! Crush and build again

Hanate Future Card!

Do hadena waza de kurai tsukunda
Jōshiki nante kae chaeba ī
Bokura (Bokura) mae no meri na Buddy Fighter

Honō de yami o yaki tsukuseba
Taiyō ga kokoro terasu yo
Aso e (Aso e) kimi no Call todoke ni yukou

Kisō tengai michi no ryōiki e to susume!
Charge and Draw
Motto tobase tomerarenai


Katai kizuna tsunagaru Buddy
Akirameru na! Crush and build again


Tesaguri egaku mirai-zu ni
Goal na de iranai

(Buddy Call!!)

Kazaana buchi kero
Arittake no Skill de Fight
Owari no nai Story kono-te de tsukurou

Hanate Future Card!

(Buddy Fight!!)

固い絆 つながる Buddy
あきらめるな! Crush&build again
放て! Future Card

僕ら 前のめりな バディファイター

明日へ キミのコール 届けにゆこう
奇想天外 未知の領域へと進め!

もっと飛ばせ 止められない

(Buddy Fight!!)

固い絆 つながる Buddy
あきらめるな! Crush&build again

(Buddy Fight!!)

手さぐり描く 未来図に

(Buddy Call!!)

風穴 ブチ開けろ
ありったけのスキルで Fight!!
放て! Future Card 


English version-full-003:56

English version-full-0


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