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Card Burn

H-BT01-0037EN (Sample)

"Card" (カード Kādo)is an archetype of 《Brave Machine》 monsters, with the word "Card" in their name, currently unique to Hero World. This also technically has support for a sub-archetype revolving just around Card Burn and it's more power forms, but not the other members of the archetype as a whole.


"Card" playstyle revolves around initially Ride from Card Burn and evolving into its more powerful forms, via the effects of itself and other monsters.

The biggest weakness of the Archetype is that you cannot call or Ride the more powerful Card Burns normally, and the effects that do Ride them can only do so if they are in the hand and/or Deck, restricting options if you draw or discard them too early. The more powerful forms also tend to require a ton of resources to play, as well. This is very much a high-risk, high-reward type of deck.

List of Sets containing "Card" Cards

List of "Card" Cards


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Size 2

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List of Support Cards

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