Future Card Buddyfight Tag Fights are a format in which the game is played by 4 players in a 2 vs 2 match, first debuting in H Episode 42: Tag Match? Zanya and Tetsuya versus Jin and Suzuha!. It also made another appearance in X Episode 21: Tag Match! Kanata and Athora's Crossed Wires!.

How it works

The same general Gameplay rulings apply in a Tag Fight, except for several important changes:

  • Each player has their own individual Field, hand, Gauge, and Life Points. Each player's starting Hand, Gauge, and Life Points are determined by their flag.
  • During the first three turns of the game, the player who takes a turn are treated as "first turn players": i.e. cannot take a normal draw and can only attack once.
  • Players can attack any opponent they want, and can attack different opponents in the same Attack Phase.
  • All players can use 1 Counter effect per play Timing.
    • Counter cards can be used to defend a Team mate. Example: If your Team mate is being attacked, you can cast your Green Dragon Shield to nullify that attack, BUT you will be the one who gains the Life point not your team mate.
      • Make sure the timing can be met. Cards that require you to be attacked cannot be activated as it wasn't you that got attacked. Green Dragon Shield works because it just requires your opponent to attack while you have no monster in your center. The attack's target can be anything.
  • When a player achieves a loss condition they are eliminated, and the remaining player(s) on the team continue in the same order as before, skipping any eliminated players.
  • The game is won when all the players in the opponent's team are eliminated, and all the players in the winning team are declared winners even if they were eliminated.
  • Players can use their team mate's Set cards even if that team mate was eliminated.  The same applies for Gauge, but only if their team mate is eliminated.
  • Effects that apply to the opponent's whole field such as Darkness Final Mission Card "World End" affect both opponents.